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About Me

The names Mann, Jimmy Mann.

Welcome to my brain child abusiveArts. Why the name I hear you shriek!

A-Level Art I made an installation, White tiles on the floor, sawdust, blood and a pile of cut off limbs and faces. That day Children from a local primary school came to visit, and many of them went home crying. My Art Teacher said “Your art is quite abusive isn’t it!” Boom


aA is my umbrella covering Prosthetics, Fabrication, Special Effects, Film and Design.

In an industry that is constantly changing I like to have an understanding of other departments and mediums which is why I range from filmmaking to design work. I love to learn and without spreading myself too thinly I think I am beginning to gather a good knowledge of other specialties.



Once I was quoted as having “Off the cuff spontaneous energy and bizarre hyperactive humour” in the Bedford Clanger magazine.  I suppose this does describe me. So since then I’ve tried to inject that energy into my work and my every day interaction. I like to, as much as possible be a person someone can enjoy working with.